We Belong to the New World.

Arlex — 340   *new*
Bellington — 3005
Cranwood — 178
Darwin — 1200
Gifford — 700
Granfield — 780
Mapleton — 205
South Haven — 1800
Stonewood Heights — 410
West Plains — 1205

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Who are the Guilty Remnant?
We are a community of like-minded people who live together, dress in white, and take a vow of silence. We serve as Living Reminders of God's Awesome Power. His Judgment is upon us.

Are you a cult?
No. We are members of grass-roots movement. And we would love for you to join us.

What's with the name? What are you guilty of?
God judged us on October 14th. If we weren't guilty, we wouldn't be here.

Why the white clothing?
To set us apart. To make it clear we no longer belong to the Old World.
The Old World ended on October 14th.

Why do you smoke so much?
We smoke to proclaim our faith.

But smoking's bad for your health.
God's judgment is upon us. We don't expect to be around for very long.

Are you Christians?
Labels belong to the Old World.

Why the Vow of Silence?
Because talk is cheap, and we're tired of wasting our breath. The New World demands action.

It must be hard to stop talking.
It takes some getting used to. However, during the training period, the vow is not absolute. There is a brief period of Unburdening before bed, during which the trainee is allowed to speak freely.

What are the accommodations like at the Mapleton Compound?
There is food and water and a place to sleep. Nothing fancy. Comfort is irrelevant to us.

It sounds like a hard life.
We get what we deserve.

Why do you people always travel in pairs?
To remind ourselves that God is watching. We're never really alone.

What if I join the Guilty Remnant and don't like it?
You're free to join, and you're free to leave whenever you like. We're not a cult. We're a community.

Does that happen a lot? Do people join and then leave?
Hardly ever. The Old World is over. Why would you return to an illusion?

How can I get more information about the Mapleton Chapter of the Guilty Remnant?
Just click here. Members are standing by to answer your questions. In writing, of course. They wouldn't want to violate their Vow of Silence.