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Your New Personal Security System.
This Fully-Automated Personal Security System is available to anyone, right on your smartphone. Should you feel insecure about the people or events going on around you, simply tap the EmergenSee App and let it go to work.

Download it now and get the additional protection you deserve!


Immediately upon launch, the EmergenSee app's powerful Eyewitness Notification System starts recording video while using the iPhone’s GPS to track your location and movements. Then it streams it all to a secure server and sends it to friends and family members listed in your EmergenSee™ profile.

Distress emails, SMS, and audio messages are automatically delivered to all your EmergenSee contacts. These messages contain links to a website featuring your EmergenSee™ video stream (10 second delay) along with a map that dynamically tracks and displays your location and direction.

Shane Victorino endorses EmergenSee

Download this app for you and your family today and feel protected no matter what!

Available on the iTunes App Store
or Android™ Market.
Enter your personal info and pull-in
contacts from your Address Book.
You're just one tap away from
letting people know you need help.
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