The Designer
Raegan McCain got a nose ring when the other kids were wearing denim and feathering their hair. She brings healthy snacks to company outings and is the genius behind Vshirts.

Her background in interactive design belies her tender age. She has served as art director for MCA Records, Wheel of Fortune, and Fashiontrip, as well as AFI's award-winning 100 Years-100 Stars site. She was also instrumental in creating Universal Studio's online presence. Her work for American Honda includes and Owner Link. An accomplished painter and photographer, Raegan earned her B.F.A. in electronic media from NIU.

The Goods
We proudly use American Apparel products for their commitment to making "Sweatshop Free" shirts and for their goal to seek profits through innovation not exploitation.

American Apparel is at the vanguard of a new business alternative. They treat their workers with dignity and pay them a living wage and beyond. 100% of everything they produce is sewn in their building without subcontractors. In the initial stage of environmental assesment, they've embarked on a program to recycle thousands of tons of fabric scraps annually and are committed to finding viable alternatives such as solar power, pesticide free organic cotton, and an internal environmental audit of daily operations.

American Apparel is proving that business-as-usual is not even good business. Globalization in its current form has polarized design and manufacturing such that it is grossly inefficient and necessitates human (and environmental) exploitation.

American Apparel practices social activism and believes business can be used to bring about social change. Using the corporation as an activist tool is a pioneering example of progressive politics and industry.

As philosopher Paul Hawkin wrote: "The ultimate purpose of busines is not, or should not be, simply to make money....The promise of business is to increase the general well-being of humankind through service, creative invention and ethical philosophy.

The Policy
If you are disatisfied with any of our products for any reason, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. Simply return the shirt(s) in as-new condition along with your receipt to us at the following address and your money will be refunded:

18 Border Street
Winchester, MA 01890